Why Should I Organize My Files?

Whether you own a PC or Mac there is one thing you should do before anything else. Organize your information!

Most people have their information scattered all over the computer, making it very hard to backup or to scavenge information in case of an emergency (such as the hard drive dying or major virus infection).

Why is this important?

The most important reason is so you know where all your stuff (documents, music, pictures, etc…) is located.

Another reason is to allow for easier backups.

Also, when you save something make sure you know the location where the item is saved.

As a personal preference, I like to make a “Data” folder in your C: (or root directory) or D: if you have one and branch out from there. Under the “Data” folder I make 2 folders, one for Work and one for Personal. Then go from there to create subcategories to organize items. Think of it as a tree with different branches being different folders. You have your main tree trunk as the Data folder and expand from there.