What Is Inside Your PC?

There are many components used to make a computer work. These are the major parts inside a computer and a little explanation of what they do.

Case – This is where all the parts inside are housed. This is the deciding factor for what and how many parts you can fit into your computer. There are many different sizes, shapes, and colors for cases. Sizes go from Micro, Mid, and Full Tower cases (the most common is the “Mid Tower ATX” case). Beware putting fast components in a smaller case as there is not as much airflow which can lead to parts overheating.

Hard Drive – This piece stores ALL of your information. Rated in GB(Gigabytes). The bigger the GB the more space you have to store things. Speed of this device is rated in RPMs and also how much Cache a drive has.

CPU/Processor – This is the brains of the computer. Rated in “MHz”(Megahertz) or “GHz”(Gigahertz). The higher the rating, the overall faster your computer will be is not true anymore. They have hit a speed barrier around 3GHz and are now just optimizing them more and also are making multiple core processors (2, 4, 6, or more cpu’s in one). You can actually have a cpu running at 2GHz that will blow away one running at 3GHz. 1GHz = 1000MHz

RAM/Memory – this is the place where programs are executed, in contrast to the hard disk where they are just stored. Rated in “MB”(Megabytes) or “GB”(Gigabytes). The more memory you have the faster programs will load and function. Also the more programs you can have open at the same time smoothly. This has various speeds you can buy. 1GB = 1024MB

Motherboard/Main Board – Everything attaches to this. Controls everything in the computer. It also is the main determination factor of how much of what component and what type you can put in your PC such as a CPU, RAM, or Video Card. Never cheap out on this.

Video Card – Used to view anything on the screen. Also used as a main component for PC Games, CAD, and Video Editing. Do not buy based on how much memory this has. Very tricky to know which is best as there are MANY variations. Buying one built into the Motherboard (integrated video card) will slow your PC down tremendously since it steals system resources from the other PC components.

Sound Card – Allows you to hear music and sounds on the PC. If you have good speakers buy a dedicated sound card, well worth the cost.

Power Supply – Provides power to the whole computer. Do not buy on how many Watts this runs at as brand is a HUGE consideration to this crucial part.