Laptop or Desktop?

Many people ask me “What should I buy? A laptop or a desktop?”. Below I will tell you the pro’s and con’s of each. Basically if you are not going to move it around stick with a desktop.


Pro’s – Portable, WiFi built in, most have built in Bluetooth, Microphone, and Web Camera, and not as many wires.

Con’s – Average life is only around 2 years, parts are almost double the price, much slower then desktop counterparts, certain parts can’t be fixed, very delicate/breaks easy, and battery only lasts around 2 years then starts degrading.


Pro’s – Parts are cheaper then laptops, quality desktops last much longer then laptops, much more upgrade able and repairable, and faster then laptop counterparts at the same price point.

Con’s – Not portable, many wires, and wireless not built in (have to buy extra).