How Do I Backup My Stuff?

The old way of backing things up by a floppy disk is no more. With files the size that they are today the old floppy cannot handle the files anymore. So your thinking “What are my options?”. There are many different ways you can back things up nowadays. I will explain the pro’s and con’s of each.

1. USB Flash Drive (Also known as a junk/jump drive). This is about the size of your finger and can be easily written to and files deleted from it. If you buy one I recommend getting a 16GB or bigger drive so you can fit more stuff on it. The only cons to them are that they are very slow and do not last too long, around 1 to 2 years on average depending on use.

2. CD Backup if you have a CD Burner installed on your computer. This can be another way of backing things up. Not just used for burning music. Blank CD’s are very cheap. They only hold 700MB of information. If you do not store them properly they will get scratched and become useless.

3. DVD Backup if you have a DVD burner installed on your computer. These store much more then a CD, 4 to 8GB for the dual layer ones. Also very cheap like the CD’s. Just like the CD’s though they scratch easily so make sure they are stored properly.

4. External Hard Drives. These devices can store just about anything depending on the size. The drawbacks to these is they are very delicate and can get pricey the bigger ones you buy. Much faster at backing up than a flash drive and can hold much more.

5. Online Backup. There are many companies which offer this nowadays. You can backup your information to another company. The only pro is the information is off site. The cons unfortunately are many. Backup is extremely slow. Will slow down your computer tremendously if not configured correctly. As soon as your information reaches the company it is not your information anymore as with all “cloud” software.

After using a medium for backing things up for 2 years replace that medium since things do wear out, even CDs and DVDs.