Custom Made PC vs Store Bought PC

You may have heard of someone mention that they made a computer themselves or a friend made one for them. This is what is called a custom PC and has MANY advantages over something you buy pre-made. And yes, that is what I sell if you ask me for one.

Custom Computer

  • Every part is upgradeable
  • Costs more initially but less in the long run due to upgrade-ability / better parts
  • Tech support by someone you know and trust, in English, quick help, and usually local
  • Only needed software is used so as not to slow down the PC (No junk / trial software)
  • Highly optimized
  • Highly customizable

Store Bought Computer

  • Can only be upgraded so far
  • Costs less initially but more in the long run
  • Tech support usually outsourced to another country, usually spending hours on the phone
  • A lot of useless software is installed which will make that shiny new computer feel like an old computer
  • Not optimized at all
  • Parts replacement are usually more expensive due to proprietary parts