Basics for Buying A Digital Camera

So you are looking to buy a Digital Camera and do not know what to buy. Very understandable as there are MANY different kinds to buy out there. I will explain what some of the terms on the camera mean.

MP (MegaPixel) – This is basically the quality of the picture you are taking. The higher the better.

If all you are doing is taking pictures for your ebay auction or simple things like that a 6 or 8 Megapixel camera is ideal for you.

Optical Zoom – This is based on the glass lense of the camera and how good it is for taking pictures farther away.

Digital Zoom – This is different from the Optical Zoom in that the computer in the camera enhances the image and not the lense.

Memory Card – Think of this as your film. They come in many different sizes and shapes so check your manual to see which one it takes. Idealy a 8GB one or higher is best.

Do Not look at just the cameras MegaPixels.  The Lens is the most important feature.