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July 2020 Program of the Month!

13 Jul 2020  |  James  |  Program of the Month  |   0
Palemoon Web Browser

For the month of July our recommended program of the month is Palemoon!

Tired of using the standard Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox?

Tired of those programs taking your info at random and sending them home for them to do who knows what with it?

Take a spin on a new browser! Palemoon is a web browser based off of the Mozilla Firefox program.

Fast, sleek, and trimmed down from the normal Firefox web browser this is a great one to try out!

None of the Firefox "phone home" services which means it isn't randomly taking your info back to them.

Many different themes and add-ons to try out for it also.

It is available for both Windows and Linux.  Hopefully a Mac version soon.

Try it out and see how you like it!

As always, if you would like help installing this give us a call or email us.  We will be glad to help you out!


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