Quick Tip for Email Organization

26 Jul 2020 : 20:00  |  James  |  Tips and Tricks  |   0
Overwhelmed by pages and pages of emails collected through the years?

Are you overwhelmed by all the email you have collected throughout the years?

You are not alone.  Many people have this issue and its with both personal and work accounts.

The amount of emails collected through the years can be staggering.  A dauntless task that you think can never in a million years be tamed.

If you spend just 5 Minutes per day going through old emails, archiving them, creating subfolders, or just deleting junk in your inbox will make a ginormous difference!

Start with the bottom of your inbox if possible. 

If you use an email program like Thunderbird or Outlook it will make the task even easier to do.

After a month you will have whittled down those emails to a manageable level.  And all that just spending a measly 5 minutes a day with it!

As always if unsure of anything we will be happy to guide you through this.

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